Why Choose Us

We are integral to our customers in promoting the highest level of health, safety and environmental performance.  Our team members create value by encouraging and coaching safe behaviors.
We are recognized for our expertise in observing work behaviors, collecting and analyzing data, assessing gaps and creating action plans to address those gaps.  Our customers seek us out as a resource in developing solutions that drive an accident and injury free workplace.Your business and people’s lives depends on superior safety standards. Our knowledge and experience will reassure you, and our level of professionalism will impress you.  we believe that providing highly qualified personnel to our customers is of the utmost importance. We regularly engage our customers for feedback on their level of satisfaction, personnel and deliverables.

Who We Are?


 Maple Safety and Industrial Solutions currently provides Safety Coordinators, HSE Advisors, Fire Prevention Specialists and Remote Paramedics with  experience in the following work environments; completions, construction, drilling, fracking, pipeline, rig moves and well intervention.  We represent  various International brands in the field of Safety Equipment's, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Hardware Products & Lifting Products. Each has been hand  selected because of their character and body of work. It is our vision to recruit and employ experienced personnel with great ethics and work habits  necessary to provide our client a complete functional project team.


Our promise to a contractor is to provide Safety for your workers into every project while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customers service and quality construction.

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